Much to the delight of jailbreakers everywhere, Luca Todesco has provided something that Taig, Pangu, and PP have failed to give us; a new jailbreak called Yalu Jailbreak, otherwise known as mach_portal. However, rather than being a straightforward jailbreak, there is something you need to know. Like the PPHelper jailbreak tool, Yalu is semi-untethered [ at the time of writing this article ] and this means that, whenever you reboot your device, you must re-jailbreak it otherwise all your installed tweaks and Cydia will crash. So, the big question is, how do you reactivate your iPhone or iPad after rebooting ? Read on to find out more.

Image : Re Jailbreak Tutorial for Yalu Jailbreak

How to Re Jailbreak Your iOS Device :

  1. When you reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch after installing Yalu Jailbreak, you will be at your usual lock screen. Unlock your device as you would normally and go to the home screen that has the mach_portal/Yalu app on it 
  2. Just as you would with any other app, launch mach_portal/Yalu app 
  3. Now, because the jailbreak is currently in beta, you won’t be presented with a top-notch user experience. Instead, you will see a blank display screen aka a white screen , this covers up the fact that the jailbreak app is doing what it should do and re jailbreaking your iOS device 
  4. Leave it for about 15 seconds or so without touching your device and the screen should shut down; your device will now be back on your home screen
  5. That is all you have to do. Simply launch Cydia [ext link] like you would with any other jailbreak and it should all work properly.

Head back into Cydia and download all your favorite apps and packages, making your first one Cydia Eraser [ext link] . This is an important tool because it will allow you to strip the jailbreak off your device without losing your iOS version.

Should Cydia continually crash, taking you back to the Home screen, it will mean that your device has not successfully gone through the re-jailbreak process. Simply repeat the above steps, in the order they are written and it should all work okay.

Other Useful Links :

Hopefully, you will have no trouble with the above steps and should be able to use your jailbreak again. Do let us know if you have any problems with this and, for more of the latest news and all the updates, follow us on Facebook .

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  1. Salam everyone
    Great work, keep digging 👊🏻. My question is:
    Can i jeal break my iPhone 5s with this yalu jealbreak

      1. Can you help me jailbreak my iPhone 5s? I’m currently running ios 10.3.3 but I am willing to go down the route of downgrading to 10.2

  2. Mine has never worked after installing the mach_portal app it added Cydia when I tapped it and it rebooted but Cydia never worked and Mach portal now just reboots my phone if I click the app as soon as it says memory full and done or settings it turns off any ideas or help?

  3. When i pressing go button inside of yalu102 showing Failed or retry how can i solve problem im using iphone5s 10.2.1 A1530

  4. It said that you have to re-jailbreak after 7 days, is the rejailbreak is just go in the yalu app or really rejailbreak like the begin. Also, what happen if you launch the yalu app and jailbreak your phone while it already jailbroken

  5. Hello I am having trouble re-jailbreaking my iPhone 6s Plus. I have had my iPhone jailbroken since the iOS 10.2 jailbreak came out, and everything has been fine. Just recently my iPhone restarted which caused me to do the re-jailbreak process which worked okay, and then it would stoped working so i had to delete then re install the app via cydia impactor and the yalu beta 7 application. I then went into my iPhone and did the regular process to jailbreak. I would get the “failed, retry” option on the yalu app, and it then worked but my iPhone kept going into a black screen then the apple logo and rebooting. I need help with this process as it is getting a little frustrating.

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