Provision.cpp : 150 Error Fix

Yalu jailbreak, although a welcome jailbreak, is not working for everyone. Firstly, it will only work on 64 bit devices; second, it is a semi untethered jailbreak, which means you must reinstall it when you reboot your device and third, to get Yalu onto your iOS device you must use Cydia Impactor [ext link], a tool that installs unsigned apps onto an iOS device.

Image : Provision.cpp Error Fix

Unfortunately, while most people are having no trouble, some users are reporting one of the more common Cydia Impactor errors – “Provision.cpp:150”. Cydia Impactor requires the use of your Apple ID and password and the error appears when you have two factor authentication enabled on your ID. There is a way to fix this and it requires the generation of a password for use in Cydia Impactor instead of using your normal Apple ID password. The steps below show you how to fix “provision.cpp:150” error on your iOS device:

How to Fix Provision.cpp Error :

Follow these steps exactly as written otherwise this may not work :

  1. Using any browser, including Safari, open this page [ ]
  2. Sign in to your Apple account using your ID and password 
  3. In the section for Security, click on Edit
  4. Look for the section headed App Specific Passwords
  5. Click on the button that says Generate Password
  6. Type in the new password, anything you like, perhaps Yalu Jailbreak, and click on Create
  7. Copy the password that is then generated, wither write it down or use your mouse to copy it to clipboard
  8. Now you can follow the instructions for using Cydia Impactor to install Yalu jailbreak and, when it asks for your password, type in the new one

Please note, this is not your new Apple ID password, it is purely for the Yalu jailbreak.  By using a password generated for a specific app Cydia Impactor will no longer show the provision.cpp:150 error. This is only for those who have two-factor authentication enabled; if you opt to disable that feature at any time in the future, you will go back to using your normal Apple ID password on Cydia Impactor.

If these steps do not work, the only other way to get around the error is to disable two-factor authentication, just temporarily, install the jailbreak through Cydia Impactor and then you can enable the feature again.

Let us know how you get on and if you are still facing any errors with Cydia Impactor. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and jailbreak updates.



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  1. I have downloaded he yearly cert,taking the chance,but after two weeks now it’s saying Yalu 102 is not reconized and Yalu won’t open at all and I turned off time and date and two step verification ,any fixes for this

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