iOS 10 was released more than 3 months ago, and most people expected a jailbreak to be released by now. Apple did promise to make things harder for jailbreakers and, until now, it seemed as they had finally won the war. However, thanks to Luca Todesco, we now have a new jailbreak utility called Yalu Jailbreak. Before you download it though, you really need to be aware of the following information about Yalu Jailbreak .

Image : Yalu IPA File Download

  • Yalu is only a beta jailbreak and will almost certainly be buggy and unstable. If you can wait, if you really don’t need to jailbreak right now, Luca Todesco has advised us to wait until an update is available for it
  • This is not a simple jailbreak to install; instead of just installing it directly onto your iPhone or iPad, you must side-load the .ipa file using another tool called Cydia Impactor
  • Yalu is a semi-untethered jailbreak and, for those not familiar with this, it means that, whenever your device is rebooted, you must reactivate the rejailbreak again

What is an .ipa File ?

A file that has the extension .ipa is an app file for the Apple operating system. You could think of it as being similar to a ZIP file, a kind of container that holds all the pieces of data that go together to make up an app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. These can be any kind of app, such as a game, a social networking app, a utility app or, something that is becoming more common, a jailbreak app. No matter what type of app it is though, the structure of the .ipa file is the same. It contains a PNG or JPEG file for the icon, a Payload file that holds the data for the app and a .plist file that holds the information about the application and the developer of it.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak

When an app is downloaded through iTunes, the .ipa file is stored on your computer and this is why, to download Yalu Jailbreak, you need a valid Apple ID. Because the jailbreak cannot be downloaded via iTunes, the certificate for it must be signed in another way and Cydia Impactor does this by using your Apple ID. To download the Yalu jailbreak .ipa, check out the links below.

Download Yalu .ipa File :

  • Yalu Jailbreak Beta 4 v 1.0 [ ipa ] – iOS 10 Supported
  • Yalu Jailbreak Beta 7 v 1.0.2 [ ipa ] – iOS 10.3.3 Supported
  • Yalu Jailbreak Beta 11 [ ipa ] – iOS 11 Supported

Other Useful Links :

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      1. iPhone 7 iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak?

        I downloaded ipa for developers (yula103) from GitHub; searching for deveapple, will it work for me if i upgrade to iOS 10.3?

      2. Hey man I see you have the yalu103 is there any way you could email me that IPA file. I would greatly appreciate it man! Email is

      1. Really? Will it work on iPhone 6S? Pangu/Yalu has already developed jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 and below. They may release it after Apple releases the iOS 11 to users. 🤞🏻

      2. It says developer use but I downloaded the Yalu103 ipa from a different website and it worked on ios 10.3.1

      3. Dude either you don’t know the diffrence between iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.3,or your just lying to prank people,I’m not sure which one. But I do know one thing you didn’t jailbreak a iPhone with iOS 10.3xx.

      4. Since Apple is cutting off old devices. We need a jailbreak that works on iOS 10.3.3 for Devices being cut from updates. And if I’m correct 32-bit devices aren’t able to go past 9.3.5 so get a jailbreak out for that for 32-bit devices. It would be really helpful for people with old devices. I have a 6s so it won’t affect me but still.

      5. With iOS 10.2.1 and 10.3.x having no single proof yet of a jailbreak, even in private, let alone public exploits being available for it, and with Todesco saying he won’t be working on public jailbreaks anymore, there is currently no iOS 10.2.1-10.3.x jailbreak on the horizon.

      6. When can we try Yalu 8.1 for 10.3 ?
        There isn’t a link here on the blog it says it’s available but yet still nothing
        If you would please email me a link to Yalu 8.1 for iOS 10.3
        Would love to give it a go

      1. Can you turn on hotspot successfully?
        With beta 7, I noticed that hotspot is no longer working. As soon as JB is off, hotspot works again.
        I used a previous beta (5 or 6, forgot) for months with no issues (except the Lightning Digital AV Adapter which showed the exact same behavior described above). I can’t find any previous version on the web anymore.
        Any feedback please? Thanks

    1. I was looking for this. 10.2.1 has been out for a while now and 10.2 is not signing so I’m basically screwed.

      1. When will the Beta 5 come out approximately, Also is the Beta 5 when it is released compatible with my phone.
        iPhone 5s
        IOS 10.2

        Thanks for the good work and making a new Jailbreak.

      2. does this issue also occur with earlier relase 3? I have tried both yalu beta 3 and beta 4 v1.0 with the same result on each

      3. Mach portal installed but Cydia will not on my 6s plus. Could this be due to my device was jail broken before and when I upgraded to 10.1 I never used cydia erase and apps were still detecting it as jail broken. Yalu worked fine to get cydia on my iPhone 7 but cydia packages like will not install just crashes. ( was installing barrel which says it is compatible with 10.1

      4. Guys! i need your help badly! My device is iPhone 5s 32 gb 64 bit. After upgrading the ios from 8.4 to 10.2.1 i badly destroyed! Because in ios 8.4 i was jailbreak my device and so that i easily download a lot of software without money. But now i can’t do anything! It’s really sucked! Please don’t mind my language! Really i guys i need your help immediately! Thanks in advance! Take it easy!

      5. i love your work..plsss…do somthing for ios 10.2.1 because i cant downgrade to ios 10.1.1 ..
        can you please help me on this…..

      6. Why does Yalu for 10.2.1 say developers only and some others say under development. How come developers are special?

      7. why are y’all ignoring us? please give us an answer on the ios 10.2.1 jailbreak. ignoring everyones questions doesn’t make us want to donate. give us an answer and i’m sure people will donate to help y’all make the jailbreak public. it’s rude and unprofessional to ignore everyone’s questions.

      8. Am i able to get the IPA file for beta 9 please, i want to test it on my 6s plus and 7s plus,
        so far beta 8 worked perfectly on both and now i want to see how beta 9 goes

    1. Youve gotta update to ios 10.1 or 10.2 for it to “work”-meaning it will download an application onto your device but that application wont really do anything until beta 5 is out

  1. feedback on beta 4:
    fails to re spring and have to re-jail break every time.
    resprings cause a black screen that can only be recovered by using DFU combination to reboot device.
    if you launch cydia prior to jailbreak. you almost certain to halt at the black screen

    iphone 7 ios 10.1.1

  2. Hi all, yalu jailbreak beta 3 has worked on my iphone 7 Ios 10.1.1
    i have installed sources and few tweaks. All was go easy but i have do 1 error. I have install kstore and it was ok, but for let work kstore was need sync app unified and that was my error!
    I have install it and after they has delete my call, message, settings app and few more apps!
    Siri was to blocked and i have try to respring phone but they dont was come back. After this i have restore my phone and now run ios 10.2 🙁
    I hope only that luca, team pangu or anyone do a jailbreak for ios 10.2
    I have too a iPad air 2 with ios 10.1.1 and i hope that luca expands the yalu jailbreak to support too iPad air 2.
    I wish you all a happy new year with much positiv news about jailbreak.
    I love jailbreak

      1. Hey could I get the working Mach portal code I and any method to get passed dlauch would be helpful I tried the old code didn’t work so even some tweak code I think would work

  3. Hi Finally my Iphone 7 Plus 64 bit 256GB JailBreaked by Yalu beta 3
    and i installed filezilla also but today i tried to jailbreak with beta 4 but it not successful i cant open cydia icon.
    Thank you…
    waiting for bugfix version .
    love you.

    1. What’s. rob did you take to get your iPhone 7 Plus to actually jailbreak and yellow because I have the same phone and I need to do to mine I want to and I’m having a little difficulty

  4. Hi i was just wondering if it would be safe to use the jailbreak on my iPhone 5S on ios 10.0.2.
    I just wanted to make sure as i do not want to break my phone.
    Also when approximately will beta 5 be released?

  5. I have a Iphone 6S running ios 10.0.1 and it either gets stuck at preflighting application or says that it doesnt work with my firmware.. any help Yalu Team!!!

  6. Hello i come from germany have an iphone 6s ios version 10.1.1 jailbreak yalu beta 3 works cydia is installed but after opening cydia shows a error messages the folder and files can be loaded. There are no sources found or installed second problem it can not be cydia eraser be installed since no sources are loaded jailbreak idt useless. Yalu beta 4 error when respring iphone remains black starts after a few minutes new cydia can not open vitte around help mobile reset setport portal deleted worksreset carried cydia app nevertheless on the cell phone available.

  7. Please release beta 5 compatible with iphone 7 ios 10.2 We are waiting in beta 4 only white screen showing no results.

  8. like most users with IPHONE 5S, I too have tried multiple times, get the white screen and fat little else. big,big disappointment cause I would bend over backwards and kiss my butt if I could manage to successfully Jailbreak my IPhone. i’m on IOS 10.2.2 beta 4. my last attempt with with Yalu IPA beta 4 and the Cydia Impactor. But before I could find out the device’s identifier and figure the SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.2 firmware and figure out the ECID# was *NOT* a 40char set and got it right, same white screen. Unless beta 5 comes out soon and makes this go away and i’m no Luca Todesco, I wait this out knowing one day, I’ll be able to say “guess what I’ve just jailbroken my IPhone series 12. (LOL). BTW FYI, I figured out a way to get rid of the white screen. Cover it up with a black piece of art paper colored manila envelope (decorated to your choice), easy right guys.

  9. Help me guys, i have iphone 6 ios 10.2 the ipa beta 3 and 4 gives me an error of zip.ccp.558 what should i do to jailbreak my device

  10. OK TO RECAP:




  11. Luca sei grande!!!!
    Grazie per il tuo lavoro e la tua pazienza.
    Non dare retta ad alcuni coglioni che ti offendono o che parlano male.
    Nessuno ha la stoffa tranne te! 😉

  12. I have iphone 7plus with 10.2. I install Yalu Jailbreak Beta 5 v 1.0.2 [ ipa ] – iOS 10.2 Supported. Yalu 102 added but text said that failed,retry It is not working. I will waiting….my iphone 7 Plus soon!

  13. I have iphone 7plus with 10.2. I install Yalu Jailbreak Beta 5 v 1.0.2 [ ipa ] – iOS 10.2 Supported. Yalu 102 added but text said that failed,retry It is not working. I will waiting….my iphone 7 Plus soon!

  14. I just jailbroke using this ipa on iOS 10.2 on iPhone 6s. I have Cydia working and everything, but when I add a tweak and respring, they dont show up anywhere in settings. I have tried reinstalling tweaks and other things mentioned online and nothing works. What should I do?

  15. Hi yalu team
    Thx for your hard work
    I have a iphone 7 plus 256gb ios 10.2
    and i have try much times to install Cydia with the Yalu beta 5 ipa.
    Installation has work perfectly and my iphone has reboot few seconds after i click of the GO.
    But i dont can see Cydia on my iphone.
    Can you pls say me what i can do?
    Thx for all
    greetings Aishwarya

    1. If you follow the JB community then you will know that it does NOT support the iPhone 7 or 7+. Luca Todesco (creator of this JB) has said to stay on ios 10.1 for iPhone 7 or on 10.2. As of now there isn’t a JB for the iPhone 7 or 7+.

  16. updated iPhone 5s iso to 10.2

    Installed Yalu Jailbreak Beta 5 v 1.0.2

    No go

    checked iPhone’s software version…..10.2.1


    will there be a patch for 10.2.1

  17. As of this 1/30/17, ipa beta 6 does NOT jailbreak 10.2.1 on iPhone 6+
    I loaded 10.2.1 by mistake onto my test device.

    Thanks for working so hard for so many, for so little. We appreciate it.

  18. i have ios 10.2.1

    i have followed the steps but after trusting the app and launching it, it just says failed and retry. not sure what to do. really want jailbreak again

  19. So I have a 5c, and I downloaded the latest Yalu Jailbreak and stuff, Impacted it onto my phone, and it showed up. So I click on the thing that says “yalu102,” a white screen shows up saying “ok”. I click. My phone resprings.. but just before it restarts, the screen looks like its graphics driver went to crap. It has lines all over the place, there are blobs of color randomly placed, and then it restarts. Is that normal?

    Also when I get into the phone Cydia isn’t there. But the “yalu102” still is.

  20. Can u help me plzz. I installed yalu and using cydia. But suddunly i install one tweak and then phone restarted and after i do it again in yalu go for jailbreak. Then after 15 secend screen goes blank. And nothing happened. Now i cant use cydia. Kindly give me solution for this situation. 😔

  21. Jailbreaks beta 6 and 7 didn’t workwork on my 7 plus running 10.1. I hoped beta 7 would work but no. When I click on the Yolu201 icon, then click go, most times it will say failed, retry. Eventually it will respring without adding Cydia. Any suggestions?

  22. It says that the jailbreak for 10.2.1 has been realeased but when i click the link to download the ipa file i cannot find it im really confused.

    1. Same here I updated to 10.2.1 because yalujailbreak.org said there was a jailbreak for it however that seems to not
      Be the case.

      Thanks for your work Yalu team

  23. iphone 5s is the first 64bit iphone and you can easily jailbreak this device with yalujailbreak. i use 5s and i jailbreak it but still not a chance to install appsync for ios 10.2

  24. Hey guys,has anyone tryed Prometheus tool to downgrade on ios 10.1 from 10.2 with saved bloobs?Ive just found an article that shows how to do that,but i need someone that can proved this is possible.Tnx in advance…still waiting for jb Iphone 7 plus ios 10.2,or maybe doing this…

  25. why do I get a iconof china with a man and not Mach_portal like the instructions say. Every time from beta 2 to beta 7 its the same no mach_portal. When it jailbreaks the screen goes white and “go” is in the middle Then jailbroke just cydia will not open any help on this?

  26. It says there is a jailbreak for ios 10.2.1 with yalu so I click it then I cant find it, it only says 10.2 beta. If it isn’t really released yet then please tell me when! Thank you.

  27. Can u help me plzz. I installed yalu and using cydia. But suddunly i install one tweak and then phone restarted and after i do it again in yalu go for jailbreak. Then after 15 secend screen goes blank. And nothing happened. Now i cant use cydia. Kindly give me solution for this situation.

    I just jailbroke using this ipa on iOS 10.2 on iPhone 6s. I have Cydia working and everything, but when I add a tweak and respring, they dont show up anywhere in settings. I have tried reinstalling tweaks and other things mentioned online and nothing works. What should I do?

    1. because u downloaded the wrong version u need beta 8 not other but beta 8 is not released yet so you have to wait a long….. time

  28. Like a moron I updated to 10.2.1 because
    I read on yalujailbreak.org that Yalu was available for 10.2.1 but I don’t think it is. Yalu team please correct me if I’m wrong.

  29. This page is for iOS 10.2.1 … Where is the IPA file thats for the mach portal is 10.2.1 mach portal IPA? Cause its just Yalu IPA files that’s on the download page….I tried to jailbreak my 10.2 but failed miserably it just got a black screen that said support.apple.com website on the top.. Wouldn’t even be recognized on my computer when I plugged it in….so heartbroken….so now when I saw this i was like *.* lol but when I tried it and clicked the link where it says IPA and it brings my to the download page and I downloaded the beta 7 IPA and it failed…so idk where to download the mach portal IPA ?????

  30. I have been jailbreaking my Iphone ranging from 2g to 6S.I am using ipa beta7 on iOS 10.2 for iPhone 6s. I have Cydia working and everything, but I realised it’s very unstable when I add a couple tweaks and respring, Setting,Phone & Cydia apps disappeared.(they don’t show up anywhere on screen even though I rejaibreak it but no avail) .I could not answer any call as I couldn’t pick up any calls. I have no choice but to upgrade to IOS10.2.1. At that moment of jailbreak completed with Cydia running, I was very happy jailbreak on 6S could be done.Any way, thanks you for trying hard to improve. Thumbs up guys(Yalu Team) You can make it for sure as U have come this far. Thanks again👍👏🏻💪

  31. Hi Yalu, well done on the jailbreak success. I have been using and installing jailbreaks for quite some time now and can say I have a decent amount of experience with it. The jailbreak recently released Works very well even though it is just supposed to be a beta. I have been following the jailbreak progression and status on a daily basis through email and via your website. I had the jailbreak running perfectly on the iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 using beta 6, unfortunately I lost this jailbreak due to a Cydia installer issue during its update yesterday, the cydia icon vanished and I could not find a solution or way to reinstall cydia on my device so I was forced to update the iOS to 10.2.1. To my surprise I found that on your site it says that a jailbreak has been released for 10.2.1 however there is no beta that says 10.2.1 is supported, is this just because I’m early and that site has not been updated or what is the progress on this? I attempted to run beta 7 on my phone and am left with a “failed, try again” page on the Yalu 102 app, is this the correct beta to use or is the correct one still coming? Please respond as soon as possible as I would love to get my phone back to its jail broken state.
    Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply.

  32. Yalu Team, thanks for your hard work…much appreciated! unfortunately, I updated to 10.2.1 before reading these posts…rookie move. I’m waiting patiently for yours or some other devs. next JB.

    1. me too man. it sucks. i was going over to a friends house so he could do it and i updated before i went over and it wasnt out yet.

  33. i did the jailbreak on both my ipad mini 4 and my iphone 6, both on 10.2 , works perfectly on my ipad but on the iphone i can’t open cydia, it just goes blank for a second then crashes when i open it, i tried redoing the full procedure but it does the same, is there a fix?

  34. I keep seeing a bunch of websites that say jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 is out. It’s not! Can you (the Yalu Team) try to speed up the progress of JV iOS 10.2.1?

  35. To anyone who is having trouble with iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak, I do believe they haven’t cracked it yet, but give them time, they will figure it out soon enough.

  36. I have the app working but when i click go it says error retry.
    Yalu Jailbreak Beta 7 v 1.0.2
    ios 10.2.1 ipad pro 9.7-inch (wifi)

  37. I guess we missed our chance to restore to ios 10.2 but i am sure they fill fix it for ios 10.2.1. I would recommend checking back to see if beta 8 can fix our issues

  38. Hi guys I’m using iPad Air with iOS 10.0.1 which is best to jailbreak my iPad….is beta 3 or beta 4 is it lifetime or temporary jailbreak will it cause any problem ???

  39. Can someone help me with iPhone 7 ios 10.1.1, I jailbreak it worked then I accidentally uninstalled Cydia app now whenever I try to jailbreak it works as it should but Cydia app is no longer shown please help…!

  40. iPhone 7 10.1.1 yalu beta3 works like a charm very easy well done mach portal, waiting for 10.2.1 jail break yalu team beta 8 this month please!!!

  41. Hello to all of you luca developers i have updated my phone ios 10.2.1 then jailbreak it is available yalu beta 8 please i believe in march it will be available or april! Help us yalu beta 8 by luca todesco

  42. You guys work really hard and i really appreciate all your efforts ..can you give us a range time to the release of beta 8 for ios 10.2.1?

  43. Will the beta for 10.2.1 be released soon? Ik the entire process is difficult and everything, I just wanted to know when it’d be done. Keep it up!

  44. Can you give us a estimate of when the beta for 10.2.1 will be released? You said it’ll be released to the public late last month but it still hasn’t been released…

  45. When do you guys think the jailbreak beta will be released. If you don’t know exactly when is will be released, please give us a state in time for us to expect it to come out.
    Please, I have been waiting for another jailbreak for months now. And the day I upgraded my iOS to 10.2.1 was the day they stopped signing it. And it would be great for one to come out.

  46. Hello,
    I was running iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone 7 and the JB worked flawless. I installed some tweaks which were not supported and ended up getting stuck on the boot logo. I had to update to 10.2.1 since that is the only version Apple was signing. I really want to get the JB for iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 7 can you please let me know by when it will be available?


  47. hi there i need the developer version 10.2.1
    can i please sign up to become a developer on your site.

  48. Please been almost a month since the devs got the jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1 hopefully they will release it soon

  49. Will the beta 8 for 10.2.1 be released soon? I just wanted to know when it’d be done. thank you very much.

  50. Thanks for your working hard on jailbreak process, would you please advise when the beta8 release to public? Much appreciated.

  51. Hey i really appreciate all the hard work your doing .. i have an iphone 5s and will it be compatible with your jb? Cuz if not then i need to be buying another iPhone to just get thae jail break ..

      1. Hey bro , 5s is a 64bit device
        The 5 is 32bit device

        As pphelper for ios 9.3.3 works with 64bit devices only and iphone 5s is included in the 64bit devices

    1. I have an Iphone 5s with ios 10.2.1, are there any ipas for this jailbreak that work with my device? I tried the beta 7 v1.0.2, but it never stopped saying failed, retry.

      1. hey there that’s because the jailbreak only works on ios 10.1.1 (iphone 7) and 10.2 Ipads + iphones up to iphone 6s plus

      2. You cant just become a developer. Developers are people that have worked on the jb and check if its stable enough. Once it will, it will be released for us. So everyone has to be patient and also stop askimg what the release date is, because jailbreaks never have release dates. They just pop up randomly.

      3. Truly excited to see the IPAs on this page for 10.2.1 and 10.3😀 Developers only. This means we shouldn’t have as tough a time keeping our jailbreak this time around ❤

      4. Ok so i have an iphone SE and i intalled the yalu-b4-1.ipa on my phone. i am an experienced jailbreaker but i really have no idea what is going on. i think maybe its because of the support but i saw in another article that the SE was supported, so somebody tell me what the hell is going on

      5. I don’t think 10.2.1 works yet. You have to wait until the developers release it in public. However, I do not know when 10.2.1 jailbreak will release.

      1. yeah i first visited here at the beginning of february hoping it would be out in like a week or so. guess not.

  52. Really really upset 😭
    It been three months I visit this website every day hoping to came out IOS 10.2.1 JB, but nop only developers!!
    This means there will not be any JB after 10.2
    Pple it is over Apple won!! NO JAILBREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. i guess there is no jailbreak coz im waiting too long time ago and it took ages from them ..
    i hope they do publish it as soon as possible …. :\

  54. Come on guys give us the jailbreak for ios10.2.1 it has been long enough without an update or anything. We will take a beta or anything at all .come on,long enough


  55. Since we no developer the final jailbreak stuck at 10.2 and it’s over people. Even how many months to wait for 10.2.1 jb.

  56. I think everybody is waiting for the link to download yalu for 10.2.1
    Someone can give us a date or show the progress if it’s possible
    Sorry for my English i’m a french guy

  57. Just tell us what seems to be the problem for iOS 10.2.1 .at least we deserve an answer about what is going on here right. Please answer us. Please

  58. 3 months and still no answers from this website.whats happening.At lease keep us informed as to what is going on. 3 months and not a peep from anyone.

  59. I am still confused why beta 8 is not realised to the public ???!
    It’s been too long I don’t think they can fix stability of jailbreak for 10.2.1 ….!
    Really they should let us get beta 8 we all love cydia tweaks please do something developers 😕

  60. Evidently no jailbreak ever for ios10.2.1 they probably can’t find a way to jailbreak it.did Apple win the battle……..

  61. Bonjour,je suis actuellement en version 10.2.1 et il me dise que seul les developpeurs peuvent le télécharger alot je voudrais savoir si il est possible d etre developpeur ,Merci d avance…

  62. Ok,so…if there is no jb for iphone 7 plus ios 10.2,can someone find a way to downgrade ios to 10.1.1?I heard about Prometheus,but how much is this possible? I mean creating a signed ios 10.1.1 ipsw?

  63. hello i,ve installed 10.3 ios so that means i have to install IPA beta 8.1 but its written
    (developers only) so how can install it help me plzz….

  64. How many times do we have to say. Please to get you guys to let us know what is going on.we keep begging and don’t even get an answer .Talk to us please

  65. It is pretty pathetic how entitled everyone on here feels they are. When did a jailbreak file become a natural right? I know free is pretty expensive, God forbide you have to wait. You people just need to sit back and calm down.

  66. Hi, I jailbreaked my iPhone 7 iOS 10.1.1 with mach_portal+yalu-b3 succesfully but I’m not finding any cydia tweak in the setting menu !

    Thank you any help.

  67. It has ready said the Yalu people there will be no jailbreak after 10.2 guys so unfortunately we are at the mercy of other developers for this jailbreak and I don’t see it coming anytime soon if ever which really stinks cause the 12.9 ipad pro I just bought has 10.2.1 on it

  68. Please release the ipa for 10.2.1
    @team yalu waiting for this since the day singin stopped for 10.2 . Waiting for it..!

  69. Please do something for ios 10.2.1 yalu team all hopes goes to you. Millions of people are waiting for jailbreak of ios 10.2.1…apple should not win this time.

  70. When comes the jb for ios 10.2.1, I have installed a wrong tweak and my phone has not started. I have changed from android to ios, because my android phone has broken and when comes the beta 8 update I need it but an ios beginner.

  71. i want my 10.2.1 you stupid nigglets, i was all excited and ready to jb but i get to the ipa page and no link smh

  72. I Hope they release the beta 8 I don’t really care if it is unstable I will just make a backup before I jailbreak

  73. Guys, now iOS 10.3 has officially been released. Please notify us if a public jailbreak is coming out or not. People will get more angry if they wait without news. It would be better if you said no jailbreak is coming out, instead of us waiting forever. Keep working at it. Good luck!

  74. Hi hmm…. can you at least tell us how much do we need to wait for the 10.2.1 IPA to be released like should we expect months or weeks PLS ANSWEAR

  75. IOS 10.2.1 AND 10.3 it is not available for people (public) now it is only for developers what is the releasing date for public . and if it is available then please help us to download it.

  76. Bullcrap, they already working on a new one and yet nothing to say for 10.2.1 just release already we the community are just simply asking for a release or simple news!

  77. This is the first time i had iphone 📱
    I haven’t use it before
    And because im unlucky I updated to ios 10.2.1
    😂😂 and no jb for it any more
    Ihave to go back to android very soon

  78. (Begging for Yalu beta 8.0
    Waiting so long……Most of us waiting aren’t developers. It seems sad. >A<
    I thought I can finally get jailbreak on my phone when I saw Yalu 10.2.2 and 10.3 pages. Happy too early XD
    Add oil! We are seeking hope from the release! From all around the world maybe XDD

    come on!!!!! Release it to the public already!!!!!!!

  80. I have iPhone 5 and Apple dont have more IOS updates for iPhone 5.
    I want to jailbreak it but I have 10.2.1 and its only for developers 🙁

  81. Hey Yalu Team, I heard you (Luca Todesco) are not going to make anymore jailbreaks, but on your twitter it says stay on iOS 10.3.2 if you want a jailbreak and that you aren’t making anymore are you meaning that your making an iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak and that’s the last jailbreak from you?

  82. We iPhone 7 plus users on iOS 10.2 still deprived of a working jailbreak! Is there any possibility of releasing one soon!!!?😂

  83. Ouhhh why is it always (Developers only) or something like that when will it be out. What is jailbreak even nowadays?

  84. hi i m update to 10.3.1 becuse no jailbreak release 10.2.1 for ever Luka Tudesco is FALSE. i m angeryyyyyyyyyy

  85. Yalu Jailbreak Beta 8 [ Developers Only ] – iOS 10.2.1 Supported
    Yalu Jailbreak Beta 8.1 [ Developers Only ] – iOS 10.3 – iOS 10.3.1 Supported
    Yalu Jailbreak Beta 9 [ Under Development ] – iOS 10.3.2 Supported

  86. Yalu is not going to release 10.2.1 jailbreak untill its become stable folk.he is done will jailbreak of 10.2.1 but i guess he is testing with other developer.Have to wait and plz appreciate his hard work.And do not update to latest or will have to wait till other release which will make you wait longer.

  87. if this for Developers Only then how we can download it please help us if it is available for download then way it is only for Developers .

  88. Maybe you guys should find a way to go back to 10.2 so everybody could jailbreak it probably would not take as long as you are taking for iOS 10.2.1

  89. Why can’t we download beta 8 and jailbreak ios 10.2.1 it say developer only, why, and when will it available for everyone

  90. I am amongst those who log on your site daily for news of the jailbreak 10.2.1. I’m just wondering if there is a hope to wait or well, it’d be better to forget this story.

  91. when will beta 8 come out. I want 10.2.1 jailbreak!!! I mean no disrespect as this is great but I have never been patient lol.

  92. He said he will stop posting jbs pubicly he even said that on twitter “TIL: I can say ‘I am done with jailbreaking’ and people think it means a release is imminent” everyone here begging is the problem even if you beg it will not make him want to release it and it’s his his own damn option.

    just because it’s in the list, it does NOT mean they’ll ever make it public.

    wondering why it takes it so long to get it released to public unlike the previous betas? it’s because it’s not happening.

    sure, it is pretty selfish to make it only for developers (and non of you regular folk with zero skills of coding will ever receive that) but it’s also incredibly selfish to plead for something that takes a lot of hard work to do. If he’s done, he’s done, period. Now go and find yourself a different jailbreak or make one of your own.

    1. I Think you are a smart ass (I hate people) all they (people)want is either a jailbreak or an answer.
      You are stupid for talking bad about all these people. You should apologize to all of them.

      I Think you are a smart ass (I hate people) all they (people)want is either a jailbreak or an answer.
      You are stupid for talking bad about all these people. You should apologize to all of them.

      1. The hell are you talking about, you make no sense, your logic is terrible and you obviously can’t take the truth, dumbass.

  93. Not sure why Luca would bother releasing a jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1+ when he could be making money selling the exploits back to Apple or on the dark web.

  94. You all have to relax. If the jailbreak is coming, then it’s coming but begging isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. NONE of you in the comments are developers so stop saying you are in hopes of getting a link to the IPA. You’ve already waited this long for a JB.

  95. i want to download this one how?????
    Yalu Jailbreak Beta 8.1 [ Developers Only ] – iOS 10.3 – iOS 10.3.1 Supported

    1. All of you just shut the f0ck up! You should have saved your shsh blobs for 10.2 like the rest of us. If your here begging for the IPA link then you will be waiting for a long time because it’s not coming. Either downgrade to 10.2 or get a f0cking android because any jailbreak’s past 10.2 ARE NOT HAPPENING!

  96. maybe someone should file a class action on Apple, stating that once we pay for the phone, its ours to do with what we like, thus buy apps from whomever, cydia as well.

  97. Really need IOS 10.3.1 for Iphone 7+!!! I did not mean to update and I can’t downgrade my phone back to 10.2 so would like this asap if someone can let me know soon!! Hopefully any day now

  98. come oooooooooooon ,,,,,,,,,, been waiting fr a long time !!
    when is the 10.2.1 going to be ready for the users

  99. Lol at these people, like how the fk do you accidentally update your phone bearing in mind you have to go to settings general update and accept it and before you say it was done by iTunes even that asks you before updating pmsl. Stop begging for jailbreak it’s probably not going to happen oh should have stayed on a lower iOS like people said to do

  100. Has a month that the pungu demonstrated the jailbreak in IOS 10.3.1 and nothing. Does anyone know anything?

  101. Is the developer as in part of the apple developer program? If so, I did pay the amount to join the program. So is there a way that I can get the link to download the jailbreak?

  102. is 10.2.1 Comming out for users soon ?
    noticed it got removed for developers
    is that a good or bad sighn

    please clarify

  103. I have a Iphone 5S running ios 10.0.1 and it either gets stuck at preflighting application or says that it doesnt work with my firmware.. any help Yalu Team!!!

  104. when will 10.2.1 ipa be available, its ben out for forever, and im not updating because i actually want to jailbreak my iphone, hurry up and release it for public please everyone is begging for it!

  105. I m using iOS 10.2.1 iPhone 6 I want jailbreak should I upgrade my iOS version or wait when the jailbreak release can i downgrade to ios 10.2 is it possible now

    1. Luca is done with jail breaking so if your not on 10.2 or 10.2.1 then your going to waiting for ever so keep holding your breath eventually there will be one less person to ask when they can get the IPA. Get a binary code editor and jailbreak it yourself

  106. My iOS version 10.2.1 when the jailbreak will release Should i wait or upgrade is there is possibility for jailbreak ios 10.2.1 in future plz reply me

  107. I have been waiting so long to jailbreak ios 10.3 i have been staying on ios 10.3 for jailbreaking my iphone 6

    1. You can get the Dl by jail breaking it yourself and posting it for everyone to download it until then you not anyone here is getting any kind of new IPA file any time soon. Stop begging and take action

  108. Well,it’s been almost 6 months and we haven’t heard anything from anyone.ipa8.0 for iOS 10.2.1 has been removed from here and no one knows what happen to it.did it get jail broken or not. We would really like to know


  109. Hi guys,why we can’t download the ipa file of ios 10.3.2?Is this just for developers?help me I need jail of this version…

  110. I am running ios 10.2.1. I am a developer! Can I jailbreak my phone? I noticed there is an IPA available for IOS 10.3 for developers. How do I get access to this?

    1. Youre not a developer. Do you even know what a developer is?? You cant be a developer and if u were u would have have jailbreak 2 months ago

  111. Yalu Jailbreak Beta 8.1 [ Developers Only ] – iOS 10.3 – iOS 10.3.1 Supported

    and when can i get my hands on it 😛

  112. I am running 10.3.2 on iPhone 6 Plus. I keep getting this error no matter what IPA I use…

    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING)

  113. So. I’ve been working on getting this and I finally got it on my phone yesterday! And my phone is in iOS 10.2.1. But every time I try to use it, it says, “failed, retry.” So, does it just not work for phone and I should update it and wait for the iOS 10.3.2?

  114. Guys don’t waste your time apple f0cked the jailbreaks so don’t wait for jailbreak updates your phones and 😊…..

  115. Will there ever be an jailbreak ready for 10.3.2/10.3.3

    I don’t think so. It’s over with the jailbreak epidemic.

  116. When will 10.3.2 be released? I updated to 10.3.2 after an error with updating from 10.2 so how long will it be?

  117. I’m an Apple Developer, how can I get the 1.3.1 jailbreak IPA? If it’s still available I’d like to download it when at all possible. Thanks!

  118. When will you release IPA for 10.3.2? Also how can you jailbreak if the IPA is under development? lol basically you can’t until you guys release IPA 10.3.2. Kinda misleading

  119. Hey love the work you guys do.

    But i do have a few questions!!
    IPA 10.3.1 says developers only. How can i get access to it i want to jailbreak my phone.?

    Thx again for the great work looking forward to jailbreak 10.3.2!

    Thumbs up!!!

    1. No you cannot jailbreak at the time. 10.3.1 isn’t available yet. Wait till August, rumors of a jailbreak being released by a less known source at the developers festival.

  120. Guys under development mean that they are still working on it and only for developers mean that only the ones who worked for the jailbreak have access so you cant get developer to get this files

  121. Where is the iOS 11 Jailbreak IPA?

    Yalu, get your sh*t together and stop being a nut$ack. Stop using your privileges . You’re just pi$$ing us off and making us not come back because we can’t trust you. Send us an email when you *actually* have the JB IPA’s ready for use.


  122. I started to think that Yalu is a liar in that he was able to work as a jailbreak for ios 10.2.1 and I think Apple has closed all the gaps and Yalu did not make any progress.😡

  123. I have an iPhone 7 iOS 10.0 , which i dont see anyone talking about in here. is there a jailbreak for iOS 10.0 or do i need 10.0.1? or am i just to late in general?

  124. Alright guys. I’ve been waiting for more than a month for 10.3.1 to be released so 10.3.2 can be resumed, but literally nothing has happened. When will this be done?

  125. When is the jailbreak for IOS 10.3.3 going to be out man this demo shyt got me heated I thought I was going along with the process did everything right click Yala once it installed from iTunes and said it’s just a demo lol !!!

  126. jailbreak finshed no more jailbreak apple win and all jailbreak devolepers are working with apple only fraud people are working for you

  127. no more jailbreak please forget all jailbreak devolepers are working with apple now only fraude people are working for you becarful

  128. Pangu, have you heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? If and when you do release a new jailbreak, no one will use it because no one will believe you!

  129. Getting the following Message even after I tried installing Yalu B3-B4


    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING)

  130. dear yalu team,

    I want to jailbreak my iPhone SE 64bit system and it runs on IOS 10.3.3 when does this jailbreak gets public? I realy love jailbreaks but I had to buy a new Phone so my my iPhone 5 with jailbreak is away ( the Phone fell in the sea ) but now I want to jailbreak again so I hope you guys see this comment and I realy realy realyyyy hope you guys make the yalu jailbreak 10.3.3 public soon.


  131. JailBreaking is DEAD guys…now except it…nothing happens now or may be…NAVER….Its time to Good bYe iPhone… AndRoid RoCks!!!


  133. So can you guys give us a predicted date on when will the ipa 10 file for ios 11.1 is gonna be out? So we can check in at that time instead of eating ourself on the subject.
    Bdw keep up the good work team yalu. We count on you : ^)

  134. And yalu you have to release 10.3.1 to public if you will not then nobody’s gonna beluve you. Its for the best if u relase for public

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