iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

iOS 10.3 is the latest version of iOS 10 to come from the Cupertino Company and, unlike the previous couple of updates, this contains several features that many users will want. While we expect most users to update, there will be those holding back, waiting for a new jailbreak to be released. Following an announcement by Luca Todesco that iOS 10 would be hard to jailbreak, Todesco has finally released Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.3

Before Jailbreak with Yalu :

Yalu Jailbreak isn’t the usual type of jailbreak that you are used to though and here’s why :

  • This is a beta jailbreak and Todesco warns that you may experience bugs and instability issues. He will be updating it in due course but be aware that it may not run as smoothly as you would like. You can, however, delete Yalu if it isn’t for you.
  • If you are a seasoned jailbreaker or you installed PPHelper for iOS 9.2+, you will be used to dealing with semi-untethered jailbreaks and that is what Yalu is. For those who don’t know, this means having to rejailbreak each time your device is rebooted but we’ll tell you how to do that later
  • Third, you must use another tool to side load Yalu onto your device as it can’t be directly installed. That tool is Cydia Impactor and we have a guide below on how to do it.

How to Install Yalu iOS 10.3 Jailbreak :

These steps must be followed exactly as explained below.

  1. Back up your data through iTunes and iCloud, leave your iOS device connected to your computer
  2. Disable Touch ID, Passcode and Find my iPhone | iPad [ you can enable them again later ] 
  3. On your computer, Download Yalu IPA [ link ]
  4. Then download Cydia Impactor [ext link] and open it 
  5. Drag the .ipa file into the open Cydia Impactor Window 
  6. Now you will be asked for your Apple ID; input it 
  7. Cydia Impactor will go ahead and side load Yalu to your device
  8. When it has finished, open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management 
  9. Tap Trust beside the Yalu certificate
  10. From your home screen, tap the icon named Yalu 102 mach_portal 
  11. Wait while the Yalu installation has finished and your device resprings
  12. Cydia will now be on your home screen and the jailbreak has been successful 

After Jailbreaking :

  • When you reboot your iOS device you must repeat Step 10 and Step 11 to reinstall the jailbreak
  • If your Apple ID is a standard free on, the Yalu certificate will expire after 7 days and you must follow the instructions in the linked article to rejailbreak.
  • Download Cydia iOS 10.3 [ ext link ]

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    1. Ugh when is this going to be released every time i update my ios device i find a new jailbreak for the other ios that i updated from

  1. Hello, the IPA link did not have the IPA for 10.3. The website said Developers Only. When is this going to get released?

    1. i watch your videos you are awesome dude!
      Can you please make a tutorial on how to install yalu on ios 10.3 without a conputer?

    2. when we get a public 10.3 jailbreak will you create a tutorial?
      Ive seen 10.3 jb videos on youtube but you can’t trust them so i haven’t tried it.

  2. i can tell to all people This hacker working with apple company and tell us he hacked iphone and jail-broken but he not this only keep us update the last firmware from apple !!!!!!

  3. Hi

    I am a apple developer but can’t seem to download the 10.3 Yalu jailbreak.

    Any idea when the link might be active ?


  4. OMGGG i have been waiting years and years to get a freaking jailbreak on my iphone but i keep updating softwares and i was searching all over the internet for yalu jailbreak 10.3 ONLY and now its saying its not public. . tbh i lost my patience with this lol but for realllll.

  5. Geez. Just updated to 10.3.1 because you guys said you had the jailbreak. I should have checked the comments and everything here because it’s developers only 🙁 Now I lost my jailbreak because the instructions didn’t warn me. Please make it public since we all blindly followed you!

    1. No jailbreak for iphone 7 or 7plus on ios10.2 or higher.

      Must wait for the next jailbreak for
      iphone 7. Got ios 10.2 too and still waiting sinds december

    1. I am developer also these people love to sucks d**k of normal people think I’m developer no link to download then what for normal guys they are g*y they love to lic* and s**k that’s all. They are making money working with apple fooling people so everybody buy apple in hope of jailbreaks and everything. Now people I’m not gonna give my orig appl id but I also worked with them for iOS 4.3.3,4.3.4,4.3, 5.5.0 so they are just making money as apple itself you all will get job for iPhone 7 iOS 11 but when they r ready to launch next model that means it’s usable but you all feel like u all people are behind in tech understand this thing clearly. Every single person making jb is working for Apple and they give it you when they already prepared new device so you go nd buy it simple business. F**k y*u Yalu and of course f**k you apple. No more faith in you after Steve jobs gone you all became money minded people. S**k my d**k that will give you pleasure and money.

  6. Will you guys just rename the damn firmware file for your iOS version to .zip and extract it and look in the damn folder ??!! It’s a zip file. You’ll figure it out.

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