iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak

Since iOS 10 was released we haven’t seen a jailbreak nor have we heard from any of the regular jailbreak teams. Whether it is because they have stepped back or because Apple genuinely has made it harder to produce a jailbreak is anyone’s guess and, with iOS 10.2.1 being the latest iOS update, it seems that the gap is widening. Or it was until Italian hacker Luca Todesco came to the rescue. Todesco has released Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1 despite telling us that things were going to get harder in the future.

Image : Yalu iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak

Before You Jailbreak :

However, before you get too excited, you do need to read the following.

  • Yalu jailbreak is in beta and may cause some instability issues and bugs. It is easily deleted though if it does cause you any problems.
  • It is a semi untethered jailbreak and that means you are going to have to Rejailbreak your iOS 10.2.1 device each time you reboot your device [ more details below ]
  • You cannot directly install Yalu on your device, you must side load it using Cydia Impactor and we have the steps for that below.

How to Install Yalu on iOS 10.2.1 :

Make sure you follow these steps exactly as written.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and back your data up using iTunes and/or iCloud
  2. Make sure you disable the following [ they can be enabled again afterward ]. Passcode, Touch ID, Find My iPhone | iPad 
  3. Download Yalu IPA File onto your computer
  4. Download Cydia Impactor [ext link] onto your computer and then open it 
  5. Find the Yalu IPA File and drag and drop it into the Cydia Impactor window 
  6. You will now need to input your Apple ID details 
  7. Cydia Impactor will side load Yalu onto your iPhone or iPad so be patient
  8. When it has finished, disconnect your device and then open your Settings app
  9. Go to General > Profile & Device Management and tap the Trust button to the side of the Yalu certificate 
  10. From your home screen, tap on the icon called mach_portal and wait while the jailbreak installation completes; your device will respring when it is done 
  11. Cydia will now be on your iPhone or iPad and is ready for use

After Jailbreak :

There are three things to be aware of :

  1. When you reboot your device, you will need to carry out Step 10 and Step 11 above to reload the jailbreak
  2. The Yalu certificate will expire every 7 days [ unless you use a developer ID, then it will be 12 months ] and you will need to Rejailbreak your device. Check out the linked article for information on how to do that.
  3. Download Cydia iOS 10.2.1 [ ext link ]

Tell us how you get on with this and follow us on Facebook for more updates and the latest information.

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      1. Dear Yalu team
        i am stucked on a white screen when i opened match portal
        on my iPhone 6 IOS 10.2.1
        Pls help me

  1. It works on my iPhone 5s but not on my iPhone 7 . I opened the mach portal but just white screen didn’t respring I waited more than 5 minutes.

  2. beta 5 just shows failed ,retry on my iphone 6 + one thing i have a question on when i trust that app it lets me press trust for my email and shows , yalu102 verfied is this all good or?

  3. I JB my 12.9 ipad pro wifi successfully.
    Cydia is there. I also install ifile without any problem but having problem with kodi.

    I install kodi 16.1 and also 17.0 by using ifile I can’t find kodi icon on home page.

    I tried installing old 15.1 v from Cydia . Kodi icon shows up but does not work.

    I hope all master brains behind Yalu JB can fix this as lot of users get Kodi.

    Thanks for all hard work !!

      1. lol it says what you have to do – when you restart as its semi-tethered you have to jailbreak again by repeating steps 10 and 11!!

    1. did it work for you?
      im using an iPhone 7Plus on ios 10.2.1 , just trying to know if it did work for you.

  4. Same here, IOS 10.2.1 iPhone 6s 64gig. What’s sad is that I was happily jailbroken
    on 10.2 and then I seen this page and updated to 10.2.1 without reading the posts.
    Hopefully the jailbreak gods will give us a 10.2.1 jailbreak.

    Thanks Luca for all your work.

  5. match_portal doesn’t install onto my device only “yalu102” and when I tap go on it’s screen it immediately says “failed, retry”. iphone 6s, what do i do?

      1. Hey um, sorry to be a bother, but when can you have the new beta released? Love the work you are doing

  6. Hey Yalu team, I’ve read in so many places that you’re now supporting IOS 10.2.1 jailbreak however you don’t seem to have any .ipa files available for ios 10.2.1.

    I have downloaded the newest file available and followed the steps above however I am either left with a white screen after launching mach portal or ‘failed, try again’.

    Please help!

  7. I wish I did not waste my time upgrading my iPhone 6S+ to 10.2.1. Now I’m stuck with a phone that I can’t jail break because this definitely DOES NOT WORK on phones with 10.2.1. The .ipa file is for 10.2, NOT 10.2.1. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU HAVE 10.2.1.

    1. I had a 6s on 10.2 and was jailbroken…i bought the 6s+ and its on 10.2.1…. 🙁
      I really hope Luca to release 10.2.1 jailbreak

  8. Guys! I need your immediate help! Yesterday I upgraded my iPhone 5s 32gb 64bit from iOS 8.4 to 10.2.1! And doing so I just lost jailbreak! In iOS 8.4 I was jailbreak my device and that’s why i was able to jailbreak my device. And I used paid apps for free. And in iOS 10.2.1 it’s totally sucked! I can’t semi jailbreak it or not beta jailbreak it! That’s why I can’t do anything right now! Pls pangu team or yalu team you are guys I don’t know! But guys I need your immediate help! Guys pls help me! I’m sorry for my bad language! Thanks in advance!

  9. Why has this been wrote when its not even available 🙁 i got all excited thinking i will be able to actually jailbreak my new ipad air 2 and its not even possible to do it yet 🙁 this page is just false information when it hasnt been released. not a happy bunny

  10. Pls release a working jailbreak for 10.2.1…i just bought a 6s+ and it has ios 10.2.1 running on it.. 🙁 Previously i was jailbroken on 6s 10.2…

    Pls Yalu team…i hope you will realease a jailbreak for 10.2.1…and i m waiting for it

    Thanks !!!

    1. because the ipa file is for ios 10.2 not for 10.2.1 and not exist actually jailbreak now for ios 10.2.1

  11. There is a very easy way of getting round the Yalu certificate expiring every 7 days in which you don’t have to Rejailbreak your device.
    After downloading Yalu, wait until the 7th day, (example, let’s say it’s today 6th March) go to Settings, Date/Time, and change the date to the 7th March. When Cydia launches, go back to Settings, Date/Time, and change it back to the 6th March.
    Bit of a pain, but at least you don’t have to download again from your computer.

  12. I can’t get the iPa to load through Impactor onto my phone anymore :(,had to reboot so tried to reinstall the jailbreak but it keeps coming up saying “Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificate,SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain ”

    Is there a way around this so I can reinstall the jailbreak ?

  13. How many times do we have to say. Please to get you guys to let us know what is going on.we keep begging and don’t even get an answer .Talk to us please

  14. I accidentally updated my iPhone 6 to 10.2.1 losing my jailbreak ;-; please release 10.2.1 jailbreak soon to the public!

  15. Hi yalu team
    When will you release ipa file beta 8 for ios 10.2.1
    I’m not a developer
    Email the answer please
    I’m tired of checking Ur website everyday

  16. Yalu Team can we get some info on the iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak. We’ve been waiting and would like some information.

  17. when is the release date for the iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak.
    I’m not a developer
    Email the answer please
    I’m tired of checking Ur website everyday

  18. Why we have to enter itunes id and password in your window.?
    I think people should have to worry if this team store itunes id and its password.

  19. Hi Team,

    I am trying to jailbreak IOS 10.2.1 On Iphone 6s but i am not able to copy and i am getting error provision.cpp:81 ios/submitdevelopmentCSR = 7460 You have already have a current IOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request. Kindly help me to jailbreak the device.


  20. When i open yalu102 on iphone and i click on go it says failed,retry .

    please help i have iphone 52 ios 10.2.1

  21. i use ipad air and i try it but when i open the mech its stuck on white screen
    and i see more say about the white screen
    i really really need help!!!!
    why its stuck on white screen? and how to solve it?

  22. please guys chill out the yalu team is hard working, for the Jailbreak ,i have too iphone6 16gb but i wait and guys please like the yalu facenook page team for more infomations, we know apple try too stop the jailbreak dont worry yalu make this safe only what yalu need is from community is patience ,we must wait i know ,its not easy to wait for a jailbreak some ,my friends says the best way is downgrade the ios to 9.3.5 than you cane use the pangu jailbreak for 9.3.5 and guys dont froget this yalu team said in the page this is a beta its can make little bit problems. and we hope yalu team gonna the best jailbreak team only what this team need is patience 🙂 2 choices 1 wait and check the facebook page from yalu for more infomations or 2 downgrade you your ios to 9.3.5 than you can jailbreak it with pangu jailbreak 9.3.5 😀 and thank you again YALU 😛

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