The days of tripping over jailbreaks seem to be behind us now. Where we once had so many jailbreak utilities we didn’t know what to do with them now we are scrabbling around to find one that works for us. Yalu is the only jailbreak we have for iOS 10, courtesy of Luca Todesco, and even that would only work for some users. That has left us looking around for another way to get back some of our favorite Cydia [ext link] content.

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To help us out, instead of jailbreak, we have seen several different app installers released, each one offering something from Cydia. One of the biggest downloads from Cydia was games emulators and now with Emus4U, we can download our favorite ones once again. Emus4U [ext link] is a versatile app installer; it doesn’t just give us back those emulators, it also provides us with other tweaked apps and lots of paid content for free and all without the need to install a jailbreak first. Before we look at how you can get Emus4U onto your iOS device today, here are some of the very best features that you will find in the app installer.

Emus4U Features :

  • Provides support for all iOS devices and version
  • Very best customer service 
  • Simple to install and use
  • Plenty of customization options built-in
  • Choice of themes
  • Regularly updated with bug fixes and the latest content
  • Loads of games emulators
  • Tweaked and modified apps.
  • Paid and premium content for free
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Built-in cleaner that removes all unwanted junk and temporary files
  • No jailbreak needed

No Jailbreak Needed :

The biggest and most likely reason for the lack of jailbreaks in recent months is down to Apple. They have long declared their contempt for jailbreaking and have promised time and again to remove the means for jailbreak utilities to be built. It seems that this time they may have been successful, be it through a security system built-in to the iOS or through the constant updates to the operating system.

We also have to contend with what looks like a lack of interest from jailbreak developers. As we mentioned earlier, Luca Todesco is the only one to have produced a working jailbreak; the other teams seem to have slipped off the radar altogether. This is why app installers like Emus4U are so important to us these days and, although you can’t download it form the iOS app store, it is easy to do. Check out the linked post below for more details:

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