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For many years, the jailbreak community has been able to install Cydia to modify their devices and install features that Apple doesn’t allow us to have. Ever since iOS 10 was released, jailbreaks have slowed to a small trickle and now we only have one, Yalu jailbreak. As this is very limited to who can use it, and it must be installed through Cydia Impactor, the rest of the community has turned elsewhere for their content.

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We’ve seen several alternatives, app installers like TweakBox, TutuApp , vShare and Emus4iOS, all offering a little of what Cydia does for those who can’t jailbreak right now. We can use them to install third-party content that we can’t get elsewhere, paid iOS apps for free and modified apps, such as Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++ [ext link] and Spotify++. However, useful those these installers are and helpful though Cydia Impactor may be, they do come with their own problems and that is that any apps installed through them will crash regularly.

Why do they do this ? Simply because Apple doesn’t like them and will revoke the certificates. Apple does not sign the certificates for these apps and sees them as invalid and, when they pull the certificate, the app will crash, leaving you having to reinstall it. Within 7 days of you doing that, the certificate will be revoked again. There is only one way to get around this and that is to install Anti Revoke.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke [ext link] works by putting a VPN onto your iPhone or iPad and this will effectively hide the app. This means that when Apple comes looking for invalid certificates, they won’t see them and can’t revoke them, leaving your apps intact for you to use whenever you want. Anti Revoke only works on those apps that are already installed on your iPhone or iPad but if you add any further apps, you can delete Ant Revoke and reinstall it very easily. It works in the background, not using your resources and not interfering with anything else you are doing on your device.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

Downloading Anti Revoke is simple, and you can do it directly on your device following the guide below:

Note:  If you are using TutuApp to install your apps, you will need to use NessTool, similar to Anti Revoke but only for TutuApp .

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  1. just Curious, if y’all have another website that you can sign up to become a developer? 0r become more involved in the testing of how stable ones’ jailbreak is

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