At long last, after many weeks of waiting, we have an iOS jailbreak. It is called Yalu Jailbreak and it was released by Luca Todesco, the Italian hacker and developer that we have all come to know. TweakBox read more

iOS 10 Jailbreak

iOS 10 was released to a great fanfare in September 2016 and, so far, there has been no word from any of our usual jailbreak teams on when, or indeed if, we can expect a jailbreak to be released. There have been numerous updates to the firmware but many users have stayed read more


iOS 10 was released more than 3 months ago, and most people expected a jailbreak to be released by now. Apple did promise to make things harder for jailbreakers and, until now, it seemed as they had finally won the war. However, thanks to Luca Todesco, read more


The days of tripping over jailbreaks seem to be behind us now. Now the Emus4U app is here for you all. Where we once had so many jailbreak utilities we didn’t know what to do with them now we are scrabbling read more