iOS 10 was released more than 3 months ago, and most people expected a jailbreak to be released by now. Apple did promise to make things harder for jailbreakers and, until now, it seemed as they had finally won the war. However, thanks to Luca Todesco, we now have a new jailbreak utility called Yalu Jailbreak. Before you download it though, you really need to be aware of the following information about Yalu jailbreak .

Image : Yalu IPA File Download

  • Yalu is only a beta jailbreak and will almost certainly be buggy and unstable. If you can wait, if you really don’t need to jailbreak right now, Luca Todesco has advised us to wait until an update is available for it
  • This is not a simple jailbreak to install; instead of just installing it directly onto your iPhone or iPad, you must side-load the .ipa file using another tool called Cydia Impactor
  • Yalu is a semi-untethered jailbreak and, for those not familiar with this, it means that, whenever your device is rebooted, you must reactivate the rejailbreak again

What is a .ipa File ?

A file that has the extension .ipa is an app file for the Apple operating system. You could think of it as being similar to a ZIP file, a kind of container that holds all the pieces of data that go together to make up an app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. These can be any kind of app, such as a game, a social networking app, a utility app or, something that is becoming more common, a jailbreak app. No matter what type of app it is though, the structure of the .ipa file is the same. It contains a PNG or JPEG file for the icon, a Payload file that holds the data for the app and a .plist file that holds the information about the application and the developer of it.

When an app is downloaded through iTunes, the .ipa file is stored on your computer and this is why, to download Yalu Jailbreak, you need a valid Apple ID. Because the jailbreak cannot be downloaded via iTunes, the certificate for it must be signed in another way and Cydia Impactor does this by using your Apple ID. To download the Yalu jailbreak .ipa, check out the links below.

Download Yalu .ipa :

  • Yalu Jailbreak Beta 3 [ ipa ]
  • Yalu Jailbreak Beta 4 v 1.0 [ ipa ]

Other Useful Links :

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  1. Hey i really appreciate all the hard work your doing .. i have an iphone 5s and will it be compatible with your jb? Cuz if not then i need to be buying another iPhone to just get thae jail break ..

      1. When will the Beta 5 come out approximately, Also is the Beta 5 when it is released compatible with my phone.
        iPhone 5s
        IOS 10.2

        Thanks for the good work and making a new Jailbreak.

      2. does this issue also occur with earlier relase 3? I have tried both yalu beta 3 and beta 4 v1.0 with the same result on each

      3. Mach portal installed but Cydia will not on my 6s plus. Could this be due to my device was jail broken before and when I upgraded to 10.1 I never used cydia erase and apps were still detecting it as jail broken. Yalu worked fine to get cydia on my iPhone 7 but cydia packages like will not install just crashes. ( was installing barrel which says it is compatible with 10.1

    1. Youve gotta update to ios 10.1 or 10.2 for it to “work”-meaning it will download an application onto your device but that application wont really do anything until beta 5 is out

  2. feedback on beta 4:
    fails to re spring and have to re-jail break every time.
    resprings cause a black screen that can only be recovered by using DFU combination to reboot device.
    if you launch cydia prior to jailbreak. you almost certain to halt at the black screen

    iphone 7 ios 10.1.1

  3. Hi all, yalu jailbreak beta 3 has worked on my iphone 7 Ios 10.1.1
    i have installed sources and few tweaks. All was go easy but i have do 1 error. I have install kstore and it was ok, but for let work kstore was need sync app unified and that was my error!
    I have install it and after they has delete my call, message, settings app and few more apps!
    Siri was to blocked and i have try to respring phone but they dont was come back. After this i have restore my phone and now run ios 10.2 🙁
    I hope only that luca, team pangu or anyone do a jailbreak for ios 10.2
    I have too a iPad air 2 with ios 10.1.1 and i hope that luca expands the yalu jailbreak to support too iPad air 2.
    I wish you all a happy new year with much positiv news about jailbreak.
    I love jailbreak

  4. Hi Finally my Iphone 7 Plus 64 bit 256GB JailBreaked by Yalu beta 3
    and i installed filezilla also but today i tried to jailbreak with beta 4 but it not successful i cant open cydia icon.
    Thank you…
    waiting for bugfix version .
    love you.

  5. Hi i was just wondering if it would be safe to use the jailbreak on my iPhone 5S on ios 10.0.2.
    I just wanted to make sure as i do not want to break my phone.
    Also when approximately will beta 5 be released?

  6. I have a Iphone 6S running ios 10.0.1 and it either gets stuck at preflighting application or says that it doesnt work with my firmware.. any help Yalu Team!!!

  7. Hello i come from germany have an iphone 6s ios version 10.1.1 jailbreak yalu beta 3 works cydia is installed but after opening cydia shows a error messages the folder and files can be loaded. There are no sources found or installed second problem it can not be cydia eraser be installed since no sources are loaded jailbreak idt useless. Yalu beta 4 error when respring iphone remains black starts after a few minutes new cydia can not open vitte around help mobile reset setport portal deleted worksreset carried cydia app nevertheless on the cell phone available.

  8. Please release beta 5 compatible with iphone 7 ios 10.2 We are waiting in beta 4 only white screen showing no results.

  9. like most users with IPHONE 5S, I too have tried multiple times, get the white screen and fat little else. big,big disappointment cause I would bend over backwards and kiss my butt if I could manage to successfully Jailbreak my IPhone. i’m on IOS 10.2.2 beta 4. my last attempt with with Yalu IPA beta 4 and the Cydia Impactor. But before I could find out the device’s identifier and figure the SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.2 firmware and figure out the ECID# was *NOT* a 40char set and got it right, same white screen. Unless beta 5 comes out soon and makes this go away and i’m no Luca Todesco, I wait this out knowing one day, I’ll be able to say “guess what I’ve just jailbroken my IPhone series 12. (LOL). BTW FYI, I figured out a way to get rid of the white screen. Cover it up with a black piece of art paper colored manila envelope (decorated to your choice), easy right guys.

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